Monday, October 17, 2011

3Ds Max Animating abilities

While I have not completely decided whether or not I will do all 6 of my tutorials with 3Ds Max, I figure I should look up different tutorials I could do with this program. Just in case.

With my background in animation, I would really like to stick to animation-based tutorials.

I did some research and found some interesting possibilities for future tutorials:
I may look into working with the Reaction Manager- which is the tool that a classmate showed in his last tutorial (where he had a fridge door swing open and knock down a stack of boxes).
If not the reaction manager, I may work with rigging my own simple model.
My third option is to work with particle effects and animations, as 3Ds Max seems to have a wide variety of effects it can create with simple particle manipulation.

With my findings, I am feeling fairly convinced that I may just continue working the rest of my 4 tutorials with 3Ds Max.
But who knows? Maybe I'll find some more interesting things I can do with the 3D software Messiah!

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