Monday, October 24, 2011

Third tutorial idea

After watching the video tutorial HERE I like the idea of working with the reaction manager in 3Ds Max.

In this tutorial the user creates an automatic sliding door effect by sliding a teapot.
As the teapot moves close to the doors, the doors open and let the teapot slide through. After the teapot has passed through the doors, the doors close behind it.

I really like the idea of trying out this sliding door with the reaction manager.
Instead of using a teapot, however, I would like to try using a walking biped.
If all goes to plan, the biped will trigger the doors to open when it walks close to the doors. Not just when it is slid towards the doors, as it was with the teapot.

I plan to test this out now and I'll report how it goes!
Fingers crossed!

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